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Modern Icon Rapid Deployment Lead SKU K9RD This product was created out of a design partnership between Modern Icon and Todd Thompson of Warrior Laboratories, LLC. As a full-time LEO K9 Handler of 15 years in a high crime area in Colorado, Todd had the idea of creating a safe alternative for handlers to use on high risk traffic stops where the necessity to keep your eyes on the suspect can mean the difference between life and death. The Patent Pending design Modern Icon came up with is an industry first; offering the handler the option of always having a lead attached to their dog yet never having to worry about it getting in their way when it’s not in use. This allows you to clip the lead to the dog with the traditional clip-in options you’re accustomed to, while the body of the traffic length lead remains safely stowed in an elastic housing. The break away attachment strap allows you to then affix the lead to any commercially available harness or collar and does not require modifications to your existing gear. The red pull tab provides a quick reference point for where to grab and once you have decided on where to attach the lead, using it becomes second nature allowing you to keep your eyes on target and get your dog in the fight. Because you can select the clip-in point that best fits your needs and since there are no moving parts, this product will comply with the most restrictive departmental policies. FEATURES STANDARD CLIP-IN OPTIONS Select whatever clip-in option you are familiar with or that your department requires. BREAK AWAY ATTACHMENT Break away attachment strip uses a Velcro system to provide you with multiple means of connection to your dog's harness or collar, and is user-replaceable if the Velcro wears out over time. ELASTIC HOUSING Provides a secure location to stow your lead once it's been folded properly, keeping it from unraveling unless needed. QUICK REFERENCE PULL TAB Integrated Red Pull Tab makes it easy to identify where to grab to deploy the lead—even under stressful conditions. Just grab the Red Tab and pull; the tension will unroll the lead and break the Velcro attachment loop from its location, allowing the lead to swivel freely. Measurements: 17″ long when deployed Material: 1″ Mil-Spec Tubular Webbing rated to 4,000 lbs MADE BY HAND IN THE U.S.A. PATENT PENDING


Modern Icon Rapid Deployment Lead