Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar




Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar SKU 630018 Dogs are our best friends. But our dearest friends can cause problems too, like unwanted barking. The Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar is a safe alternative to stop unwanted barking. The YS300 is bark sound activated and is made for dogs 10 pounds or larger. The sound recognition sensor uses a microprocessor to distinguish between the dog’s bark and the surrounding ambient noise. The YS300 is the smallest rechargeable No Bark Collar from Dogtra and is packaged in an ultra-compact form. The Dogtra YS300 uses a patented non-stimulating Pager Vibration warning and low-mid stimulation in 1-6 levels. The Dogtra YS300 is fully waterproof, and comes with 5/8" Surgical Stainless Steel Contact Points, a 2-hour rapid charge battery and charger, antimicrobial collar strap, and a 1-year warranty. 6 Stimulation Levels - 2-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries - Non-Stimulating Pager Vibration - Low to Medium Power Stimulation - Fully Waterproof Receiver/Collar - Bark Recognition Sensor - For Dogs as Small as 10 lbs. - 1-Year Warranty Package Contents: - No Bark Collar - Battery Charger - Owner's Manual - Plastic Dummy Contact Points

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Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar