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Dogtra Pathfinder

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The Dogtra Pathfinder brings GPS and e-collar technology right to your smartphone, giving you a more intelligent and responsive way to track and train your dogs. The Pathfinder truly works without using cellular data*. Just download the free maps and operate your smartphone in offline map mode. Unlike other GPS e-collars, there are no extra navigation packages to purchase.

You have access to Google Maps™ with satellite and terrain views and the ability to track up to 21 dogs or hunters, share locations, playback data and create customizable Geo-Fence alerts. With an incredibly fast two-second update rate and a powerful zoom capability, the Pathfinder tracking feature provides greater live-action detail and accuracy when you’re in the field.

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* Downloading the app initially requires data usage. No data needed after the app is downloaded.

* The Pathfinder App is compatible with iOS 8.1 and up, and Android 4.2 and up.

* A device with Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is required to operate the Pathfinder.

* Location Sharing requires a separate GPS Connector per user.

* Smartphone not included.

9-Mile Range:

- Rheostat/Slider Dial with Stimulation Levels 1-100

- 3.5-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries

- Nick and Constant Stimulation

- Audible Tone

- Low to High Power Stimulation

- Belt Clip

- Fully Waterproof

- Enhanced Contact Points

- Extendable Contact Points (5/8" to 3/4")

- Expandable to 21 Dogs and Hunters

- 2-Second Update Rate

- Geo-fence Option

- Offline Maps

- Precise and Up-to-date Maps

- Tracking Only Mode

- For Dogs as Small as 35 lbs.

- 2-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

Package Contents:

- GPS Connector

- GPS Collar

- Battery Charger and Splitter Cable

- Test Light

- Owner's Manual

- Carrying Case

- Contact Point Extensions and Adjustment Tool

- Non-Stimulation Contact Point Covers

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Dogtra Pathfinder GPS E-Collar


Dogtra Pathfinder