Dog Trace Electronic Ball Droppers x 2


Dog Trace


Dog Trace Ball Droppers x 2 SKU 507 Product Description d ‑ balls set 2 - ball feeders and remote transmitter d-balls set 2 - two remote controlled ball feeder training and remote transmitter An effective aid for motivational training and for practicing various exercises such as forwarding, circulating and mock-ups, overcoming obstacles and the like is also ideal for agility training and service training dogs. With one transmitter with a range of up to 250 m, up to 8 feeders can be controlled, each with a 4 ball dispenser that can be discharged individually, so there is no need to recharge the feeder after each use. The d-balls make it possible to reward the dog at the right moment after a well-executed exercise. This set includes: 1x transmitter, 2x feeder, 2x ball set (4 pcs each), 1x CR2 3V battery and LR 6 AA battery pack (4 pcs per feeder), 1x DVD, slings with hanging eyes, set of marking labels with numbers, cord for hanging, instructions and warranty card. Transmitter Weight: 61 grams (transmitter without battery) Range: approx. 250 meters in open air Power supply: 3V CR2 lithium battery Battery life: 6 - 12 months depending on usage Frequency (power): 869,525 MHz (25 mW) Antenna: Integrated Radio link security and coding: Microcontroller Number of attachable ball feeders: 8 Operating temperature: –10 ° C to +50 ° C Dimensions: 110 x 52 x 29 mm Ball feeder Weight: 730 grams (without belt and balls) Power supply: 4 pcs LR6 AA 1.5 V battery (or LR6 rechargeable battery) Battery life: 6 months depending on usage Frequency: 869,525 MHz Antenna: Integrated Protection: Against short-term rain when the tank cover is closed Radio link security and coding: Microcontroller Operating temperature: –10 ° C to +50 ° C Dimensions: 327 x 184 x 84 mm


Dog Trace Ball Droppers x 2