The Cannonball has proven to be highly reliable and durable. In more than 10 years, police, military, emergency services, and dedicated dog trainers worldwide had great workout results and great entertainment together with their dogs. Bomb dogs silent stare, or the lively agility dog in full run, most can be trained with a Cannonball. Well known by thousands of Cannonball users from Stockholm to Sydney.

With its low weight of 1600 grams, and the compact outer measurement of only 23 * 9 cm, the Cannonball virtually can be hidden everywhere. Despite its small appearance, it has an impressive vertical shooting height of not less than 2 m (this with a 85 gram ball!). Suspended in a tree or the alike, the shooting length will be up to 5 meters.

Whether it applies to training on the forward command (Cannonball has a range of up to a whopping 500 meters), search on hidden objects, agility training or any other dog training, does the Cannonball make the difference that you are looking for.

The powerful acceleration of the ball, ignites the dogs hunting instincts and makes it focus on the task time after time. Your dog's attention becomes sharpened, and the concentration on the task becomes optimal. The reliable remote control ensures that the reward is given in a split second.

You here get the latest generation Cannonball. Everything is made of stainless steel, CNC machined anodized aluminum, and a very strong cabinet in PET. A robust antenna free transmitter guaranties you a stable and unrivaled range, which under optimal conditions is up to 500 meters.

It's powerful 12 volt system guaranties you a long transmitting range and top notch operation time. The "Auto off " system ensures that the battery lifetime is optimal. When the ball is launched, the power turns off automatically. In other words, there is no switch you MUST remember to turn on, and no switch you CAN forget to turn off.

The Cannonball is the market's most proven and reliable ball Machine. Even after many years of intensive use, your cannonball will still function as on the first day.

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