K9 Vision System FULL VERSION


K9 Vision System


K9 Vision System FULL VERSION


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1 x K9 vision mask with camera and headphones integration system, delivered with one spare screen and 2 LED integrated

1 x Low light dog's vision camera 170 degree field of view

1 x Low light rear vision camera 170 degree field of view

1 x COFDM transmission video system with local recording and battery

1 x reception system with carry bag and tablet holder

2 x chargers

1 x set of COFDM antennas

1 x digital audio transmission system including:

1 x transmitter with integrated battery

1 x charger

1 x lightweight communication headset

1 x receiver with integrated battery and 1 extension Y and 2 headphone panels and connectors, channel settings and audio volume settings

2 x chargers or 1 double charger for receivers

1 x plastic transport case

3 x UHF antennas

1 x Cordura collar with 3 waterproof pockets to hold 2 digital radio receivers and 1 COFDM video transmitter

1 x extensible concealment (turtleneck type) to cover all the equipment

1 x training kit (option)

1 x transport bag for the whole kit

1 x 360 degree camera with Cordura housing and 4 Amp battery

This package has a GPS Option and 4G Streaming option contact us for further details.

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K9 Vision System FULL VERSION