IQ Pop Up Blind x 6


IQ Dogsport


Revolutionized Blind x 6 - The IQ Pop-Up Blind SKU IQDPOP6 Order the Pop-Up-Blind-Set, consisting of 6 Pop-Up-Blinds and save money! The Pop-Up-Blind can be set up or taken down in just a few seconds. Its mechanism is similar to a pop-up-tent. Simply take the IQ Pop-Up Blind out of its cover. Automatically, the blind pops up. Fixate it on the ground by using the 4 tent pegs that come with it. On the inside of each blind you will find two pockets which can be used as storage or weight pockets. Your blinds are secure and ready for training. Foldable Blinds Just as setting up our Pop-Up Blinds, you can fold and pack them in just a few seconds. Due to its low weight, you can easily take them with you.


IQ Pop Up Blind x 6