Gappay Flexi Pole




Gappay Flexi Pole SKU 0541 The Flexi Pole (divided) is a training aid used for teaching obedience and bite work. The Flexi Pole allows you to securely back tie your dog anywhere preventing him from leaving you or the work. It is an excellent tool for training various obedience excercises. The Flexi Pole is composed of only two parts. It is light weight and portable which makes his tool great for training anywhere. It is also easy to set up and use. Simply insert the stainless steel base into the ground, connect your two rod parts and attached them securely to the base. You are ready to start training! Packaging and contents: - The base with spikes from stainless steel - The elastic laminate rods (2x) - The string +carabine

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Gappay Flexi Pole