Double Up Collar




Double Up Collar SKU CDU Double the Security, Double the Strength The EzyDog Double Up Collar is the choice for anyone wanting a dog collar with added strength and flexibility. Double D-Rings! Simply attach your leash to both Stainless Steel D-Rings for extra security and peace of mind. The Stainless Steel D-Rings and the highest quality materials have been used to ensure that this collar is comfortable and easy to clean Super Soft! The Double Up is made from our proprietary soft touch webbing, that is both soft and tested to be incredibly strong. Not only was durability in mind when we designed this collar, but also your dog's comfort. Features: Two Stainless Steel D-Rings to attach leash to Made from our Proprietary Soft Touch Webbing The two double D-Rings take the pressure away from the easy access buckle Reflective Webbing stitched in for night time safety Accessory D-Ring for attaching ID tags etc. SIZE Small (NECK SIZE), 22 - 29cm (8.5 - 11.5"), (COLLAR WIDTH 12mm (.47") Medium (NECK SIZE), 29 - 40cm (11.5 - 16"), (COLLAR WIDTH 19mm (.75")


Double Up Collar