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Dog Runner Revolution Pro


The Revolution Pro is designed for professional trainers, therapists or for real dog lovers. 
A brand new design, a more powerful motor (quieter!), remote control (really handy!), automatic ramp, easy access and exit (new side exit), 3 heavy coats of paint to protect against scratches and corrosion for a long time. We find that we have just taken the Dog Runner treadmills to the next level.

We have equipped this treadmill with the most powerful performance (6.5 hp), making it ideal for intensive use. Whether you're a professional or just passionate about working with your dog, we know we're the right partner for you. We are very happy with our new design, as more and more copies have entered the market over the years. As a true market leader, we owe it to ourselves and to you as a customer to ensure that you buy a real, original Dog Runner. Don't be fooled: buy the real thing, buy the original!

Technical specifications:

  • Tread dimensions (L x W): 1800 x 460 mm

  • Dimensions of the device (L x W x H): 2080 x 650 x 1090 mm

  • Tread thickness: 1.8 mm (heavy duty version)

  • Running plate thickness: 1.9 mm (heavy duty)

  • Maximum allowed weight: 150 kg

  • Speed: 0.8-18 km/h

  • Engine: 6.5 HP

  • Slope: 0-15% (front)

  • Remote control

  • LCD Display

  • Programs

  • Ability to design your own programs

Some advantages:

  • No more walking your dog in the rain or inclement weather.

  • Takes up little space and ensures that your dog has his daily dose of exercise.

  • Increased concentration.

  • Helps you maintain your dog's weight.

  • Stable surface and controlled movement during training.

  • Training at the ideal pace of your favorite animal.

  • Optimal partner in rehabilitation.

  • Using a dog treadmill can positively influence behavioral problems.

  • Perfectly balanced training in preparation for competitions and shows.

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Dog Runner Revolution Pro