Ballistic Hidden Sleeve


Active Dogs


Ballistic Hidden Sleeve/Ballistic Military Material Regular SKU 803825 This form fitted hidden sleeve offers superior protection from wrist to upper arm while making it comfortable for the handler to use. Having the form fitted design allows you to hide the sleeve under loose clothing if desired. This sleeve also works great for a variety of other bite work styles. We offer the Hidden Bite Sleeve in Bite Suite (french linen) or Ballistic (military) Material and two sizes. Each sleeve is gusseted and lined for maximum comfort and protection. There are 5 Hook and Loop closures on the inside to allow the sleeve to adjust for a personalized fit. Available in two sizes: Regular or X-Large Choose from two fabrics: Ballistic or French Linen If ordering Ballistic material the embroidery will be silver colored thread. If ordering French Linen material the embroidery will be copper colored thread. Lightweight, form fitting comfort: less arm fatigue when training multiple dogs Can be worn over the decoy's shirt sleeve


Ballistic Hidden Sleeve