Ultimate Tracking Harness


Active Dogs


Ultimate Tracking Harness SKU 206300 The Ultimate Tracking Harness is made of soft supple Latigo leather. The bolt snap on the girth strap makes it easy to take the harness on and off your dog. The shoulder straps and the girth straps are adjustable for proper fitting. The harness has a D-ring on top, backed with a padded leather plate. This helps the harness ride correctly on the dog's back while tracking. If you have a dog that does not keep its head down during scent tracking, this harness can help correct the problem. String a lead through the two bottom D-rings of the harness and attach it to the dog’s collar. When the dog raises its head, you can tug on the bottom lead to pull its nose back down to the ground. Adjustable Girth: 30-36" Can be Used with a Bottcher Harness


Ultimate Tracking Harness