Embroidered Patch Dog Collar


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Embroidered Patch Dog Collar Collar only see patches seperately SKU 407083 Embroidered Patch Dog Collar is made with two layers of 2” heavyweight polypropylene webbing. It is lined with fleece on the inside to provide the dog comfort and less neck strain. They are individually sized to properly fit your dog. This dog collar has all metal hardware. The black, contoured side release metal buckle is sized smaller than the 2” collar. There is a welded, black metal D-ring attached to the top of the collar for easy leash attachment. Lined for comfort Comes with two patches—there are 12 patches to choose from The collar comes with 2 embroidered patches. They are embroidered in a two-tone style using strong polyester thread for long lasting quality. All the patches come with Hook and Loop attachments so you can interchange them. Custom patches of the same size and style are available if you want your dog’s name or department on the collar. Police Patches will only be sold to Police Departments and cannot be ordered through the website alone. Contact us for further information This is a non-adjustable collar.


Embroidered Patch Dog Collar